From: The real Dero Goi


From: The real Dero Goi


Some girl was very lucky ;)


Dero fans! Listen up…

Dero made a bet on facebook that if his page gets 10,000 likes by the end of the year he will wear monokini or “mankini”.

“I BET that this site won´t make it to 10.000 likes this year…if i´m gonna lose i´m gonna shoot a foto in the original borat-bikini and post it here…I SWEAR!!!” -Dero Goi 3/4/14

He thinks it can’t be done, when he made the bet he only had 6,000 likes now he has 6,387. It’s a bit off from the goal but I KNOW THIS CAN BE DONE!!

If you haven’t already go to Dero’s facebook page and follow him like him and make him lose this bet he made with his fans.


WTF? You’re a grown man quit being adorable!

I'm totally in love with your blog. OMG so many Dero! I love it! ♥

Thank you! <3